Taenia asiatica Research Group (TARG)

Description TARG is a forum for scientists, health and veterinary workers, students and all other people who might be interested in the ins and outs of the third human Taenia species, Taenia asiatica. The well-known human health relevance of the other two species of the genus (T. solium and T. saginata), and mainly of Taenia solium since it is the causative agent of human cysticercosis, seems to have led to an underestimation of the potential public health importance of T. asiatica. TARG is a group with the aim of spreading knowledge on T. asiatica. The group was founded in October 2011 after the 'First symposium on current perspectives of Taenia asiatica research' held in Osong (Korea), and is planning a second meeting during the next ICOPA 2014.